"THASSOS FESTIVAL" is an initiative of the Municipal Social Company of Thassos for the support and promotion of the Thassos cultural clubs activities. The Municipality of Thassos, being on the side of our island's clubs, supports with various ways their rich cultural product, which transforms into music, dance, gastronomy, image, history narration of this beautiful island. At the same time, the Municipality of Thassos communicate these events, through a massive and multidimentional communication plan of national, regional and local media and promotional actions, all around Greece. Special attention is paid in the communication of the events to the hundreds of thousands of tourists, visiting Thassos during the summer and not only. Our vision is to enrich the events, composing "THASSOS FESTIVAL" and on the other hand to communicate them to the maximum possible audience both in Greece and abroad. Knowing ourselves the rich history and culture that our blessed place exhales, we are certain that through "THASION FESTIVAL", the tourists of Thassos themselves will take part and communicate these events too. We welcome you to live with us unforgettable memories during the "THASSOS FESTIVAL".

Vasilios Vasiloudis
Municipal Social Company of Thassos

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