Photographic Ride in Panagia

Τhe Folklore Club of Panagia Thassos "Βacchus", in the framework of the cultural festivities of the Municipality of Thassos "Thassion Dromena", as well as the summer events of the club, organizes on 28-29 July 2017 a 2 days outdoor photographic exhibition "Photographic Ride in Panagia". Aim of the event is the visitors of the Panagia village, guided by old photos, put in characteristic places in the village, to get to know Panagia, through the passage of time, to walk the "unknown" narrow stone built roads of a village with unique architecture. The "ride" will end in the village famous church, where will take place an amateur photographers exhibition with material from stories and reports referred specifically in Panagia, the place and its architecture, landscape, people, everydayness, memory and history.

Additional Info

  • Venue: ΠΑΝΑΓΙΑ
  • Participants: Ο ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ
  • Date: Thursday, 20 July 2017