Monday, 24 July 2017 19:18


The Municipal Social Company of Thassos would like to inform that the Municipality of Thassos organized successfully the Concert of Stamatis Kraounakis at the Archeological Museum of Thassos, in Limenas Thassos on Thursday 20 July 2017 at 21:30 with free entrance

"This night at the Archeological Museum of Thassos, was a mutual promise with the beloved Mayor
made last year at the event my friends realized for my work.
I will sing at the piano accompanied by my beloved friend Vaios Prapas, such a young man.
Songs that united me with the people’s homes and match the atmosphere of the landscape.
I hope a new song to be born"

Stamatis Kraounakis

Moreover SCT would like to inform you about the next events in the framework of Thassion Dromena

  1. Friday 28/7 and Saturday 29/7, 21.00, in Panagia Thassos: “Photographic Tour of Panagia” organized by the Folklore Club of Panagia “Vakhos”
  2. Friday 18/8, 21.30, at Skala Rachoni, Thassos: Concert of Natassa Bofiliou, organized by the Youth Club of Thassos
  3. Saturday 26/8, 20.30, in Theagenis Theater, in Limenas Thassos: the 4th Choirs Meeting – Mixed Choir of Munipality of Thassos, with choirs from all over Greece, along with cultural clubs, organized by the SCT Choir
  4. Sunday 3/9, 13.00, outside Taxiarches Church in Maries Thassos: “Bean soup Fest”, fest with live orchestra, traditional bean soup and traditional food of Maries, organized by the Cultural Club of Maries “the Birth”
  5. Saturday, 9/9, 21.30, at Palataki in Limenaria Thassos: Music Show dedicated to Stelios Kazantzidis by Pangeorites, organized by the Women Club of Limenaria

Let’s all have fun together in beautiful Summer Thassos, the Diamond Island