The Thasos Municipality Social Welfare Company is the organizing body of the Thasos Municipality cultural events. The development and implementation of cultural events is a constant and essential element of the Thasos Municipality operations
The TMSWC, through the delivery of key cultural and social services has set the following strategic goals:

  1. Cooperation with the local cultural clubs, aiming to maintain the folklore tradition of Thasos.
  2. Organization and hosting cultural events.
  3. Presenting the Thasos history
  4. Presenting the Thasos cultural heritage monuments and connecting them with the touristic development of the island
  5. Exploiting EU programs with touristic, cultural and social character.

Thassion Festival is an initiative of the TMSWC for the enhancement and promotion of the Thasos cultural clubs events. The Thasos Municipality, being close to the island's cultural clubs supports through various ways their rich cultural product, which is shaped though songs, dancing, tastes, images, narrations of our beautiful island.
At the same time, the Thasos Municipality communicates those events through a large and multi dimentional communication plan, consisting of national, regional, and local media and other promotional tools, to all of Greece. Special emphasis is given in the promotion of the events to the hundreds of thousands tourists from tens of countries visiting Thasos, during summer. Our vision is the Thassion Festival events to be further enriched and also be promoted to a continuously larger global audience. Knowing the rich history and culture of our blessed island, we are confident that through Thassion Festival, the island visitors will be part and carriers of those experiences. We invite you to live with us unforgettable moments at Thassion Dromena!